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Choosing your health care is a big decision. Take the time to learn about your options, and you'll understand why Kaiser Permanente is the right choice for you.

Being healthy is no accident — it all comes down to picking the right health plan. Are you ready? Uninformed decisions can have serious consequences: Huge out-of-pocket expenses or unforeseen costs. Care services that are difficult to navigate or access. Doctors who feel like strangers. Health care shouldn’t make you feel like an outsider.

In Kaiser Permanente’s (KP) unique integrated health system, you’re at the center of a community of care dedicated to your health. All our services are connected, and work together in your best interests: doctors, nurses, diagnostics, pharmacists, facilities, health plan. This makes your care easier to manage, and produces better health outcomes.

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Through our unique care model, nation-leading prevention, and cutting-edge treatment, Kaiser Permanente cares for our members in a holistic, comprehensive way.

Top-rated commercial health plan in the region with 5 out of 5 stars1

Rated the #1 provider of health insurance by Insure.com2

Cancer care commended by the Commission on Cancer

Only 1 in 5 applicants becomes a Permanente physician

3 things to know before you choose a health plan

If you’re selecting your own health care plan — maybe for the first time — 
there’s a lot to consider. Here’s the basics:


How does health insurance work?


What's the difference between HMOs and PPOs?


How do I choose affordable health insurance?

What makes Kaiser Permanente the right health care choice for you?

You’re at the center of our community of care

Watch member Sarah Splaine explain how Kaiser Permanente empowers her to conveniently manage her care on her own schedule, right from her phone.

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Choose a health care plan that cares about people

Kaiser Permanente is using our assets and influence to help make the communities we serve across Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC, among the healthiest in the nation. We’re committed to: